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Green Tea Kombucha

For centuries, tea has been a staple drink for civilizations all over the world. In fact, tea holds an important place in history, having played a prominent role in trade, culture, and more. Today, it has earned its place as the world’s most popular drink that is second only to water. Throughout the course of time, many different variations and flavors of tea have been developed, particularly in China where a majority of teas originate.

Not surprisingly, kombucha teas originated in Chinese culture where it was later spread to Russia then followed by the rest of the world. During the Tsin Dynasty, this particular tea was known as “The Tea of Immortality”. Those who drink kombucha tea have spoken of many positive benefits to kombucha, though research on this brew is still limited, offering little evidence to support these claims.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a traditional drink made by fermenting tea and is normally ingested for medicinal purposes. This is accomplished by introducing a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), to a batch of sweetened tea and giving the brew time to ferment. The resulting drink that is produced is known to contain B vitamins, vinegar, as well as a mix of chemical compounds.

Possible Health Benefits

There have been quite a few health claims made to the benefits of drinking kombucha tea. Some of the most common claims are that kombucha tea detoxifies and cleanses the body as well as energizing the mind. However, research on whether or not these claims are true is yet to be published. Others claim that kombucha improves digestion, and this may be due to the acids found in this drink which may help to stimulate stomach bile. Among these potential benefits it has also been said that it may offer immune support and improve liver function though more research is required to back these claims.

Where to Buy Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is vastly different from other brews of teas and the possible health benefits that it may have seem promising to many. Many will prefer a green tea base when brewing kombucha tea for toning health as it has a more preferable taste, as well as far more benefits than many other teas such as black tea. If you are looking to purchase kombucha tea, this tea may sometimes be found in local specialty tea and health food stores, though it may not be available depending on the area you live in. For this reason, many will turn to online retailers to purchase this tea.

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